Broccoli Sleeve Protecter Matte & Clear M [BSP-08]


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Size: Height 68.5 × horizontal 93.0mm
– Packaging: with perforated header OPP bag containing
– 1: 80 pieces
– Material: single-sided clear one side mat OP / CP film

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Popular card + card sleeve protecting sleeves with matte processing to avoid sticking of sleeves released by Broccoli has renewed itself to the “Broccoli Sleeve Protector Matte” series.

The same great quality sleeve protectors now come in packs of 80 sleeves each.
The edges of Broccoli Sleeve Protector sleeves are processed in the original melt cut sealing style and are difficult to be ripped or bent. A safe and high-quality item completely made in Japan!

“Broccoli Sleeve Protector M” can be dressed on top of cards with standard-sized character sleeves. It will protect both card and the character sleeve.

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